I am a cat dad.

This is Linus 🙂

And this is Linus grown up 🙂 🙂

Okay, just kidding! This is Linus grown up 🙂 🙂 - (and taking a selfie of course, lol)

And you also have to meet Charlie 😀

After a long search with many ups and downs, Linus came from a box outside of the local Burger King. There were nine kittens in the box, 2 with blue ribbons. I picked up his brother first but his brother was like, "no, sir, I do not want to go" - so I put him back and picked up Linus. Linus was like, "take me!, I'm a love bug!" - and so I did. Immediately.

About a year later I thought, "Linus needs a brother" - and like I had before I got him, I went to the shelters, I searched the Internet like crazy and spent weeks and weeks looking for a cat I thought Linus (spoiled as he is) could get along with.

That's when I just happened to walk outside one day to grab the mail and ran into Charlie - literally!

I lived in an apartment complex at the time - and the neighbor was sitting out in the hallway, and of course we said 'hi'. Then I turned to get the mail -- and I KID YOU NOT there was a kitten laying in the breeze!

I couldn't believe it!

It was cold outside and about to get much colder - and here was this skinny little kid just laying on the pavement like he'd lost all hope.

I asked her, "how long has he been here?" and she said, "about 4 days - I think someone came to the complex and abandoned him, figuring someone would take him in".

Right then I told her, "keep an eye out and don't let him leave - I'll bring him in!"

So I went in and grabbed Linus and put him in the bathroom so I could prepare for bringing Charlie inside for the first time and they could meet.

I went out and grabbed Charlie and brought him inside - which is the first time I learned he was a purr baby that was VERY hungry.

While Linus was in the bathroom I cut the apartment in half using construction netting.

I spent the next 2 weeks trying to find his "parents" before "claiming him" - but after 2 weeks, with no one looking or posting about losing a black kitten, I figured, he's mine now!

So I took him to the Vet, got him checked out, all the shots, etc etc.

That was over 2 years ago.

Here's where lic-KITTY-pop comes in:

Though Linus is a reluctant water drinker, he's very capable of licking frozen cans as they thaw. They're cold, they're wet, they're what he jumps out of bed to come get a lick (or 20) of 🙂

And I thought, "what if I could make something like that that is also healthy for both the kids? - and especially help Charlie!".

Ya see, from being abandoned, and outside eating who knows what (and likely anything he could find - because who knows for real how long he'd been abandoned for) he had some real issues (gut wise), and he still gets a grass diet from time to time, and medicine. And I wanted to help him.

So, lic-KITTY-pop was born.


I've been working with the best of the best to make flavored cat water that is the best (and actually, the first and only!)!

I'm talking FDA Registered and USDA Organic certified manufacturers who understand what I'm attempting to do and WHY I'm attempting to do it!

But I need your support to make it happen.

Please consider signing up to the waiting list so I can let you know when you can purchase and your kids can try it for themselves.


BTW, Linus is about to be 4!! And Charlie, he'll be 3!! WOW! (their birthday is June 6th!)

And if you've read this far, seriously look above and fill out the form 🙂 ... but also seriously, yes, you guessed correctly ... the names Charlie and Linus comes from Peanuts Comics - something I've always loved as well.

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